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“The Rhass, who you call Demons, are found on this world, yes. But they come from somewhere Greater. Somewhere worse.

There are many stories of Creation, but this one is True:

In the beginning there was nothing. It exploded. Chaos was born. And from Chaos, beings of terrible might and power. Beings formed of the elements of creations: the obyrith, gods to demons. The primordials. In this Elemental Chaos they thrived, and as the Worlds formed, they thrived there as well.

They made children to serve them, the demons who are elemental. When Life grew on the Worlds, they enslaved it as well – elf, man, and dwarf alike. Then came the Gods. Born as mortals, they were slaves like the rest. But these mortals were different. They were Brave. They declared themselves Mighty and stood up against the demons. The primordials struck back, and this was the Dawn War.

Gods and primordials alike fell as they battled across Existence. In the end, the Gods were victorious, and earned the immortality they enjoy to this day.

But just because the Gods won, does not mean all the primordials were slain. And just because a priest might banish a dust devil, does not mean there are not a thousand thousand more, searching endlessly for their own path to this World you call home."

- from The Analects of Daichi, the Bound Yugoloth

Desert town by torvenius

Your adventures begin in Perdition, a town recently built on the frontier after the nearby land was cleansed of demons for the first time in 70 years.

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